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澳门金鲨游艺场:[wake up] CDR came! Annual Buffett shareholder meeting; Central deployed over 800 billion special funds

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内容摘要: [Buffett] shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway released a quarterly show in 2018, the company's loss for the first time in nine years filing ...

[Buffett] shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway released a quarterly show in 2018, the company's loss for the first time in nine years

filing shows the company's first-quarter loss of $ 6.263 billion investment, derivatives losses With 163 million U.S. dollars, operating profit was 5.288 billion U.S. dollars, with a total loss of 1.138 billion U.S. dollars. On May 5th, US time, Buffett’s shareholders’ meeting was held in Omaha in 2018. 88-year-old Buffett and 94-year-old Charlie Munger responded to questions from shareholders, reporters, and analysts . At this year's general meeting of shareholders, Buffett and Charlie Munger answered a total of 58 questions , including company performance, investment, successors, virtual currency and other hot issues.

[CDR Progress ] eligibility body more than a month after fastest may apply for the issuance CDR

China Securities Regulatory Commission on public offering of depositary receipts management practices for public comment, located in the management approach in the form of departmental rules The provisions on the administration of depositary receipts mainly include: arrangements for the issuance, management, and transaction of depositary receipts; clearing of deductions of depositary receipts shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the Exchange; and the clear disclosure of information on depositary receipts. The Shanghai Securities News learned from authoritative sources that the eligible entity can apply for the issuance of CDR more than one month after the fastest time.

[change] 33 fund executives home fund companies of 48 a senior positions changed, 6 home fund companies chairman position changed.

In the first four months of this year, the top management of the fund company changed very frequently. In the first four months of this year, there were changes in the positions of 48 senior management positions in 33 fund companies, and it was also the position of chairman of six fund companies. change.

Industry insiders said: “The change of the general manager and the chairman of the company is mostly caused by the change of shareholders of the company . New shareholders often appoint managers they know; new candidates for the company’s deputy general managers are mostly fund companies. after expanding the scale promote from within; there are also some executives for personal career planning considerations, switch to private, industrial companies, or select business "

[social security, public offering] for four consecutive frame with 224 stocks pharmaceutical and biotech industry to 7_89456_9056_89_65473_9

From the end of the second quarter of last year to the end of the first quarter of this year, there were 285 stocks held by the social security fund for four consecutive quarters, and there were a total of 1,225 stocks held by the public funds in four consecutive quarters in a row. A total of 224 stocks were held in the same quarter.

[ debt-based ] China bond funds suction gold amount fresh 11-week high

latest data from the cash flow to monitor EPFR agencies, the week ended May 2, the Chinese bond funds attracted to The amount of funds hit an 11-week high. The gold-supply cycle for offshore China base has been the longest since the first quarter of 2014. Such funds include QFII and those funds that invest in overseas listed Chinese stocks.

core technology ] [ total central government level exceed 800 billion yuan special fund , focus focus integrated circuits, new materials, industrial and other fields

Internet financial year has arranged nearly billion of funds, the focus of focus Integrated circuits, new materials, industrial Internet and other fields. At present, there are 17 special funds for the central government, with a total value of over 800 billion yuan. Among them, the second phase of the National Integrated Circuit Industrial Investment Fund has been submitted to the State Council and approved, the second phase of fund-raising will exceed 150 billion yuan.





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